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FAS in Native American Communities According to government research, the rates of FAS for American Indians of the southwestern United States range from 13 to per 10, live births. [US Department of Health and Human Services. Though Native Americans had moved further up in status over time, it was not by much, Native Americans were still highly discriminated against and were not seen as equals in American society.

Because of this, the American Indian Movement (AIM) was formed and was very much active during the 's and 's. This paper analyzes the prevalence of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and fetal alcohol effect (FAE) on American Indian reservations. It discusses the effects of lack of education, proper prenatal care and community resources as some of the immediate factors playing central roles in the perpetuation of gestational drinking on reservations.

The numbers of Native Americans decreased dramatically during the first century after Columbus “discovered” America. Native Americans were captured and transported to Spain as slaves.

They were enslaved and forced to work in Spanish mines in the Americas, with the average worker dying by age Nov 20,  · In contrast, white Americans failed to understand Native Americans and perceived them as a threat.

Moreover, white Americans did not fully understand Native Americans and their belief that Native Americans represented a threat for them was, to a significant extent erroneous/5(5).

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For example, in the National Military Strategy, the future Joint Force is describe as being able to: “improve their ability to surge on short notice, deploy agile command and control systems, and be increasingly interoperable with other U.S.

government agencies.

Fas in native americans essay
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