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Essaying Essays: Alternative Forms of Exposition

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Richard Kostelanetz

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Writing a statement list about the topic. Essays & Poems. Language Writing in America, Robert Longo: Static Violence “On Essaying Essays,” in Essaying Essays: Alternative Forms of Exposition, edited by Richard Kostelanetz (New York and Milan: Out of London Press, September ).

Assembled by David Berridge as part of ESSAYING ESSAYS: A TEMPORARY COLLECTIVE OF READERS, one of seven projects by the FREE PRESS collective exploring economies of ideas and alternative modes of.

Whereas my relationship to Essaying Essays was very close, that to my next anthology, Language & Structure in North America, was distant in more ways than one. In the summer ofI was asked to guest-curate an exhibition of structurally innovative language art.

Essaying essays: Alternative forms of exposition [Richard, Editor (Bruce Nauman, Michael Joseph Phillips, Michael Metz, John Cage, Lucy Lippard, Lucas Samaras et al) Kostelanetz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying Paperback.

This issue of the Demotic Archive of Art Writing is a celebratory act of critical reflection and literary piracy alongside The Richard Kostelanetz Bookshop at the Kunstverein, Amsterdam, which offers both exhibition, bookshop, and retrospective of Kostelanetz work as writer, publisher, and editor/ASSEMBLER.

This autobiographical essay is about my sense of each of these books and of anthologizing in general. No one starts out adult life with the intention of making anthologies.

One imagines oneself a poet, or a novelist, or perhaps a critic, but certainly not an anthologist.

Richard kostelanetz essaying essays
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