Writing a neh summer institute application

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Dr. Anthony Chaney Receives NEH Grant

Unfortunately, we are not only to offer credit for participation. You will be planted if you choose to fill out a sample sheet for a second project. The purpose of this NEH Summer Seminar is to develop a critical appreciation for the experience of industrialization in Britain, the historiography of the subject, and the lasting influence these interpretations have had on cultural values.

Application Application Information and Instructions. Summer Seminars for College and University Teachers are offered by the National Endowment for the Humanities to provide college and university faculty members and independent scholars with an opportunity to enrich and revitalize their understanding of significant humanities ideas, texts, and topics.

Center. For further information, visit the URL cited above where complete application materials can also be found. Looking ahead Summer Seminars and Institutes National Endowment for the Humanities Anticipated application due date: March 1, NEH Regional Application-Writing Workshop.

February 24, The UB Humanities Institute is pleased to host a Regional Application-Writing Workshop conducted by Dr. Daniel Sack, Senior Program Officer, from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Application Information and Instructions NEH Summer Institute: Native Americans of New England General Information about NEH Seminars and Institutes.

Selection Criteria. Stipend, Tenure, and Conditions of Award Application Instructions. APPLICATION INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS Please Note: An individual may apply to up to two NEH summer projects (NEH Landmarks Workshops, NEH Summer Seminars, NEH Summer Seminar, or NEH Summer Institute), you may not withdraw in .

Writing a neh summer institute application
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Dr. Anthony Chaney Receives NEH Grant | UNT Dallas